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Frequently asked questions

How is the table mounted to the tailgate?

The EEZTOP foldup table will be screwed to the inside metal surface of the truck bed tailgate. - It requires to drill 6 holes and install rivet nuts, to securly attach the foldup table.

Can the table be stepped on?

When the table is FOLDED DOWN AND LOCKED, it is safe to step on if needed, although not recommended. - Depending on the weight of the person and/or possible rocks or other dirt collected on the bottom off the shoes, stepping on the table might deform and/or leave scratch marks or other damages on the surface or the corner pieces. - This should not deminish the functionality of the table, but will sooner or later lead to visual imperfections. When the table is in the UPRIGHT POSITION, it is NOT SAFE to step on the table! - The function and purpose of the table in its upright position is solely for placing light weight objects, like food, bevarages and the like, up to a weight of approx. 10lbs.

Does the table come with all tools and bolts to install?

The tables come with a set of recommended rivet nuts and screws to install securely on the inside metal surface of a pickup truck tailgate. - To make drilling holes and installing the rivet nuts, it is recommended to use a power tool, which is not included with the table.

Can the table be installed on any pickup truck?

The table can be installed to any pickup truck tailgate which has a sturdy metal surface and a recommended minimum size of 50 x 20 inches, which is the case for most standard size pickup trucks on the market. - In case of question, please just email us and we can help you find out, if/how the table can be installed on your truck!