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We are a family owned business operating in Southern California. We believe in the power of creativity and imagination is limitless. Our new design of a car accessory can transform into an effort-less, trouble-free portable table that is compact, adaptable, and capable of brining convenience.

We value teamwork and strive for making a high-quality product that fits well in with your needs and activities when you are on the go.



The invention of EEZTOP was driven by curiosity of “what if,” passion to stay innovative, and making ideas happen. One day, sitting on the back of a truck enjoying take out food with our children, we realized something was missing. In other words, we thought it would be more helpful if there would be a picnic table that can hold the food and drinks. So the idea of EEZTOP fold-up table was born. Our experience of child raising combined with quest for ways to improve day-to-day management has led us to design a convertible car accessory: the EEZTOP Table. 


With more than 20 years of experience in automotive product design and production, we developed and patented the ultra slim, yet rugged table with integrated fold-up mechanism. Easy to pop-up by the press of a button and just as easy to store away by pushing it back down and lock securely in place. This unique industrial design truck accessory can not only enhance the functionality of the truck bed tailgate but also provide convenience. The light-weight and compact table attached to the tailgate makes it accessible and practical. Its sturdy design and rugged power-coat finish is durable and waterproof. The materials are carefully selected and locally sourced. The EEZTOP tables are proudly made in the USA. 


We hope you join us in exploring the new convenient concept table and finding many ways to utilize it everywhere you go.  


The EEZTOP Family